Episode 4 / A conversation with Carolin Scharpff-Striebich / May 2020
Language: English

A conversation with Carolin Scharpff-Striebich, collector of contemporary art and Director of The Scharpff Collection and the Scharpff Family Foundation. Carolin talks about her upringing with collecting parents,  her personal connection with art, her ideas for developing the collection and many more things. She gives us an insightful glimpse into her thoughts and reflections as a collector.

Episode 3 / A conversation with Wendy White / May 2020
Language: English

New York City based artist Wendy White tells us her story how she became an artist, what her inspirations and aspirations are and what she is engaged with right now. She shares some personal and insightful observations into making and reflecting about art and the processes that are just starting to be instigated in this special time.

Episode 2 / A conversation with Andrew Jensen / May 2020
Language: English

A conversation with Andrew Jensen, the founder and co-owner of the galleries Fox Jensen McCrory in Auckland, NZ and Fox Jensen in Sydney, AUS. Andrew tells us about the history of the gallery and how he developed into being a gallerist as a young man. He continues with narrating about how his visions and ideas for the gallery evolved in the past 32 years and reveals very personal and emotional insights into his life with art.

Episode 1 / A conversation with Henrike Naumann and Bettina Steinbrügge / May 2020
Language: German

For this first VAN HORN Podcast I welcome the artist Henrike Naumann, whose work “Das Reich” is on view in the exhibition “Deutschland” at VAN HORN, Düsseldorf through 31 May 2020 and Bettina Steinbrügge, the director of Kunstverein Hamburg.
Henrike Naumann tells us about the way she researches for her art, what makes her think and inspires her and how she realizes her installations in real space. Bettina Steinbrügge relays her experience of Naumann’s art and shares her thoughts and her wish to create new ideas and a vision for an (art)world facing major changes.