Episode 71

Episode 71 / Interior Exotics | WENDY WHITE & DANIELA STEINFELD, a talk about art, life and an exhibition at VAN HORN, Düsseldorf

This is a special talk recorded on January 22, 2023 in front of a live audience at the premises of Le Bureau, a unique art space by collectors Lars Monshausen and Silke Haars. It is also available as video on the youtube channel of Le Bureau and the different VAN HORN channels. We spoke on the occasion of the fourth solo-exhibition by NYC based artist Wendy White at VAN HORN, Düsseldorf. We talk Wendy’s approach toward art making, the importance she places on objects and how people express their personalities through those. We exchange our thoughts on how the inner psychological space changed and how creativity was channeled in new ways during Covid. We talk selected singular works, her exhibition „Interior Exotics“ which just opened at VAN HORN and – cars. Wendy reveals her process, her inspirations and let’s a lot of her individual personality shine through. It was my first Podcast talk in front of a live audience and with Wendy as guest and partner I enjoyed it very much. 44 min., language english. Recording and video still by Lars Monshausen.

Episode 70

Episode 70 / Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen | PATRIZIA DANDER, head of the curatorial department

This is a special anniversary Episode, our 70th release and the first one in 2023 – therefore it is with a special person. Patrizia Dander recently took on the post of head of the curatorial department at the acclaimed Kunstsammlung NRW K20K21 in Düsseldorf. Her path into the arts was an individual and unusual one. Always being interested in the humanities, she first started studying psychology and more and more discovered how art not only fulfilled a personal inclination, but also gave her new insights and instilled a deep curiosity, that didn’t leave her until today. Patrizia talks her early life, her fathers interest in art, how she left her studies for an internship at the Kunstverein in Düsseldorf, how the support of people and the collaboration with them shaped and paved her way into the arts and how she was learning by doing. Patricia covers her career stations from the beginnings and talks in depth about each space and institution. She openly gives insights about the possibilities and challenges she faced at the respective institutions and what her attitude is in dealing with new spaces and situations.
46 min., recorded December 22, 2022, language english.


Episode 69

Episode 69 / Mills Moran asks Daniela Steinfeld | Owner VAN HORN Gallery & Host Voices On Art Podcast

This is the first Episode after a winter break and the last one of 2022. It‘s a special one indeed, hosted by Mills Morán. I am switching sides, being the guest interviewed by Mills. We talk my upringing, my first encounters with art and which meandering path I took from being an artist to becoming a gallerist and Podcast host – and all the steps on the way. We also touch on our friendship, which came to us through this Podcast and how communication and the words we use change our interaction with the world and our relationship with people. As always, art is at the beginning and the end of our conversation.

Exhibtion Daniela Steinfeld „Full Horn“, Haubrok Foundation: https://haubrok.org/ausstellungen/daniela-steinfeld/

Episode 68

Episode 68 / Museum Folkwang | PETER GORSCHLÜTER, Director, Essen
35 min., recorded Sep. 19, 2022, language english.

Peter Gorschlüter, director of Museum Folkwang in Essen since 2018, is one of the youngest museum directors in Germany. Peter talks his early, formative years, growing up in a household with an affinity for culture. He talks his almost becoming a gallerist and how unexpectedly then the course was set to pursue a career as curator – and later director – of art institutions. He talks in depth about his working in different international art institutions through the years with a focus on developing an approach for Museum Folkwang that honors the history of the museum, as well as opens up new ways in corresponding with the time and the needs of the people. The demuseumization of the museum is an essential question for him and he would like to transfer the Folkwang (= hall of the people) vision of the museum founder Karl Ernst Osthaus into our times, thinking across genres and and epochs. Therefore he considers participation, transparency and putting people in the center of attention to be very important tasks. He sees himself not only as museum manager, but also as someone who intitiates content impulses.

Peter studied Theater, Film and Television Studies, also German Studies and Philosophy in Cologne. He started organizing exhibitions early on, worked at a gallery for contemporary art and then was invited to the post of curator and research assistant at the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf. He spent some important years being chief curator of Tate Liverpool where he headed the Collection and Exhibitions Department. In 2010 he was co-curator of the Liverpool Biennial. After that he was appointed as deputy director of the Museum für Moderne Kunst MMK in Frankfurt a.M. from 2010 to 2018. Since 2018 he works as director of the internationally acclaimed Museum Folkwang in Essen. In 2021 Peter was awarded an honorary professorship for „Art and the Public“ at the Folkwang University of the Arts.

Photo credit: Peter Gorschlüter, Direktor Museum Folkwang, Foto: Tanja Lamers (BILD IM AUSSTELLUNGSKONTEXT)

Shownotes (mostly german):

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Episode 67

Episode 67 / Art and the market | MAGNUS RESCH, Professor, Entrepeneur, Author, News York City
Recorded 13 September, 2022, 46 min., language english

Dr. Magnus Resch is passionate about the economics of the art market. He studied at Harvard, the London School of Economics and the University of St. Gallen, holds a Ph.D. in economics and was awarded scholarships by both the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and the Swiss National Foundation. He is Professor at Yale University and one of the world’s leading art market economists. He is also a bestselling book author and serial entrepreneur. Magnus published in Science, the world’s leading academic journal, and has written seven books on the art market, including three bestsellers. In this Episode Magnus talks his personal background and his take on buying art as a monetary investment vs. buying art as investment into ones emotional wellbeing vs. buying art to support a community of artists and galleries. His school days in Düsseldorf, which he spent opposite the world famous Kunstakademie, gave him the opportunity to meet a group of young art students that became his friends and later on well known artists themselves. Meeting these artists made him realize how hard it is to be successful as an artist and let him develop the ideas that led to his books, lectures and courses. He finds very clear words on what works – and what doesn’t – in an art market that includes (and excludes) many different players and how those different players have to develop their own strategies to achieve success. Articles, Podcasts and all information on Magnus on his website: www.magnusresch.com/ Instagram @magnusresch

Episode 66

Episode 66 / Museum Abteiberg | SUSANNE TITZ, Director, Mönchengladbach
Recorded 22 August, 2022, 43 min., language english, Portrait by Stefanie Genenger

The Museum and the City. Since 2004 Susanne Titz is director of Museum Abteiberg, the Museum of the City of Mönchengladbach, which is known internationally for it’s unique architecture and also the special collection it holds. Susanne talks her early fascination with art as experience, art as part of life. She talks in depth the role space and architecture play to exhibit and also understand art and the different approaches the Museum develops to reach it’s diverse audiences. The team of Museum Abteiberg creates multifaceted exhibition and educational formats and establishes deep connections to the civic community of the city, it’s people, the schools, the administration and politics etc. to ensure the Museums relevance for the society of the future. For her, contemporary art and the artists that create it are role models for young people to experience freedom of spirit, empowerment and building a hopeful future. The Museum therefore provides a space – physically as well as psychologically – in which these other visions of society and humanity can be experienced.

Recorded 22 August, 2022, 43 min., language english, Portrait photo Stefanie Genenger

Shownotes (mostly german):


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Episode 65

Episode 65 / VOICES ON ART – The VAN HORN Gallery Podcast / Expo Chicago | TONY KARMAN | President and Founder Recorded between Chicago and the Island of Sylt on 17 July, 2022, 40 min., language english.

How to build, sustain and develop an Enterprise with integrity? Tony Karman, founder and president of Expo Chicago, Chicago’s art fair, talks in a personal and open way about the importance art fairs have within the eco system of the art world as well as for the civic society of a city. Tony talks his special relation to Chicago, his commitment to the city, the art fair and the participating galleries and artists and why Expo Chicago is the ideal canvas for him to realize artistic as well as civic visions in a diverse and inclusive way.
Tony Karman is since many years an influential contributor to the Chicago art world. He has been active in the civic, business and cultural communities of Chicago for almost 40 years.

Episode 64

Episode 64 / VOICES ON ART – The VAN HORN Gallery Podcast / New Art Dealers Alliance | HEATHER HUBBS, Director, NADA, New York City
Recorded July 6, 2022, 33 min., language english
Portrait photo by Emily Assiran for Observer

In this Episode Heather Hubbs, Director of NADA, NYC talks her upbbringing in a small town near Chicago and how she started discovering her interest in art. She explores her early days in Chicago, working in different fields of the art world where she realized that the big event of an art fair – where one is exposed to so many different things at the same time – was exactly what inspired her. She gives an overview of the first years of NADA, which is having it’s 20th anniversary, and shares how the visions for the alliance developed and changed over the years, with a focus on the learning process of those past years during and after Covid. Heather and her team are in a continously evolving learning process, finding solutions for the current need of galleries to share resources and information in a non-competitive way. She thinks there needs to be more education among (younger) people about what galleries are, the whole eco-system galleries operate in, what they exactly do and why galleries are so important. Heather is a passionate promoter of the arts, artists and galleries and explores how important the political climate, the freedom in a society and a stable democracy are, to ensure a field in which art and culture can be thriving.

Episode 63

Episode 63 / VOICES ON ART – The VAN HORN Gallery Podcast / Thinking photography | THOMAS SEELIG, Head of the Photographic Collection at Museum Folkwang, Essen
44 min.,recorded 3 June, 2022, language english
Portrait photo by Anne Morgenstern

In Thomas Seelig’s life and career photography takes center stage. Originally taking off to become a Photo Journalist and Photographer himself, Thomas soon understood that working with photography can take many forms and that photography itself is a fluid, ever changing medium. During his studies, still practicing the art himself, Thomas set out, with a couple of Companions, to run an exhibition space at his University. Their curiosity and pro-activity led them to internships in New York City and opened up the whole field in before unknown ways. For himself Thomas realized that communicating with people, exchanging knowledge and placing himself in larger networks, enabled him to research and campaign for photography in an extended way. His fields of work included SK Stiftung Kultur in Cologne, Galerie Ulrich Fiedler, Fotomuseum Winterthur. Since 2018 Thomas serves as Head of Collection at Museum Folkwang in Essen, where he looks at the history of the collection from the standpoint of the present moment, envisioning contemporary developments as well as the directions creating, exhibiting and collecting photography and it’s many expressions may lead to.

Episode 62

Episode 62 / VOICES ON ART – The VAN HORN Gallery Podcast / Narrating bodies | POLA SIEVERDING, artist and curator, Berlin, recorded 19 May 2022, 29 min., language english.
Portrait Photo by Marc Comes, Berlin

Berlin based artist Pola Sieverding learned to see the world through the lens of cultural production from a very young age, as she stems – already in the third generation – from a family of photographers and artists. After first having explored her wish to become an actress, she decided to stay behind the camera, instead in front of it. Pola talks her family and upbringing, her own work and deep interest in stories and idividual narration. One of the keys to her work are the body and it’s performance in society and the social realm in general. Themes she has long explored are the usually male connotated areas of wrestling and boxing. She is very much interested in an individual, new narration about masculinity, femininity and all other genders. This includes the expression of sensuality, openness and fluidity. Her work does not exist without the relations she builds with the people who trust her so much that they lend her their image. Her art and life are inextricably interwoven.

Episode 61

Episode 61 / VOICES ON ART – The VAN HORN Gallery Podcast / Around the world | ESTHER SCHIPPER, founder and CEO of the eponymous gallery, Berlin
Recorded May 3, 2022, 55 min., Language english

My guest today is Esther Schipper, who founded her eponymous gallery in 1989 and since then never stopped to evolve, adapt and develop content and aims of the gallery correlating with the requirements of the times. In the now more than 30 years of it’s existence the now Berlin based gallery has been at the forefront of a global development of the art world and the art market.
Growing up in a very cosmopolitan and culturally educated and interested household, being born and raised in Taipeh and later growing up in Paris, she was early on aware of and very open minded towards the diversity and richness of different cultures.
Esther talks in depth about her background, her growing up and her awareness of the changing of the times. She talks the early days of her gallery and how she felt the need to grow and adapt in accordance with an ever changing world.
Staying true to the DNA of the gallery, keeping long lasting relationships with artists and showing loyalty towards their ideas over the years she also developed strategies for her gallery becoming an globally functioning business, with specialists in every field from art history to sales to accounting, marketing and management.
It is very instructive and highly interesting to follow the development of her gallery through the decades in her very own words.

Episode 60

Episode 60 / VOICES ON ART – The VAN HORN Gallery Podcast / A Gentil Carioca | MARCIO BOTNER, gallerist, artist, Rio de Janeiro and  Sao Paulo
Recorded March 16, 2022, 32 min., language english

This is a special episode created in collaboration with Independent New York for the OVR of the upcoming edition of the fair from May 5, 2022 on.
My guest today is Marcio Botner, gallerist, artist and co-founder – together with artist collegues Ernesto Neto and Laura Lima – of  A Gentil Carioca, since 2003 Rio de Janeiro based gallery which recently opened a branch in Sao Paulo. A Gentil Carioca is a unique intitiative in Brasil.
Marcio talks the the special spirit of an artist founded gallery and the initial impulse that made them embark on such an enterprise. From it’s beginning on the gallery initiated community projects and Marcio talks the importance of community, dedication and location. He thinks the more people from different cultures and backgrounds mix, the more ideas are exchanged and discussions stimulated, the better we will understand each other and ultimately create a better life together. Marcio gives a brief insight into the projects of the past 20 years, how the gallery developed new concepts in the past two years and how they will continue to do so. A Gentil Carioca is an influential cultural hub in Brazil, an important part of the brazilian cultural scene as well as participant in the greater global art world. Marcio talks in depth the importance of art fairs for the gallery. To him fairs are more than commercial market places, they enable people to meet and mingle, to exchange ideas and collaborate in creating new art and cultural projects together and also to bring brazilian artists abroad and new ideas back. Marcio talks the importance of continuity, independence, liberty and love for what you do to create a great gallery. He believes that art can open up our perspective on life, bring people together in different ways and ultimately change our way of living.
At Independent A Gentil Carioca will present in a debut exhibition works by brazilian based artist Vinicius Gerheim.
Recorded March 16, 2022, 32 min., Language english.
Instagram: @agentilcarioca
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Episode 59

Episode 59 / VOICES ON ART – The VAN HORN Gallery Podcast / Getting to the bottom of things | PETER NADIN, artist and farmer, NYC and the Catskills
Recorded March 15, 2022, 39 min., language english. Portrait photo by Alon Koppel.

This is a special episode created in collaboration with Independent New York for the OVR of the upcoming edition of the fair from May 5, 2022 on.
Peter Nadin *1954 is an artist, poet, farmer and avid observer of human and animal nature. He talks his beginnings in England, his moving to NYC as a young man and his experiences and observations on consciousness and perception through the years. Peter was a key figure of the the New York City downtown art world of the late 1970s and 1980s. After realising that he needed more time to get to the bottom of things, he decided to leave New York City to live and work on his own farm in the Catskills. For quite some years he didn’t exhibit his works at all or only in special places. The direct experience of life resonated in a more profound way with him than the cultural interpretation of it. To him there is no hierarchy between art making, farming or sanding the floor. He acknowledges the different pereception systems of humans and animals and realized that the beauty of this is, that no one perception is more real than another…. Peter’s primary focus in his own art is and was the representation of consciousness and direct life experience through painterly marks. When he uses cashmere wool of his own goats in a painting, the painting does not show the goat – it kind of is the goat itself. To him the time and dedication that are spent to create a painting leave traces in the surface, in the paint itself, which enables us to understand –  in a quite deep way –  someone else’s experience. Theres still a lot to do for him and a lot to understand, so he continues working, experiencing and observing the world with a humble and loving eye.
His exhibition „The Distance from a Lemon to Murder“ is up at Off Paradise through May 8, 2022 and he will show his paintings with the gallery in a two-person presentation with Maximilian Schubert at the upcoming edition of Independent New York.

Episode 58

Episode 58 / VOICES ON ART – The VAN HORN Gallery Podcast / Chasing the experience | RJ MESSINEO, painter, Massachusetts and New York City
Recorded April 12, 2022, 36 min., language english.

This is a special episode created in collaboration with Independent New York for the OVR of the upcoming edition of the fair from May 5, 2022 on.
In this Episode painter RJ Messineo talks the „Aha“ moment when they realized that drawing can be a way to transcend things and creating new experiences. RJ craves the experience of painting, the state of being it evokes, like sugar. RJ talks in depth the process of working in the studio, the material connection they have with painting, the construction of their work and how their physical limitations after an accident made them have to find new ways to construct works and therefore created opportunity from hindrance. Observation, physicality, the scale, the space of the studio and the time it takes to observe and make it, the season in which a painting is created – all of this play a crucial role for the artist. They understand paintings as a kind of motor that propel themselves forward and RJ follows them by listening in the spirit of receiving and paying attention to the process. Painting is what they do, it get’s them through the days and years, step by step on to the next thing.
RJ will have a solo presentation of their new works with Morán Morán at the uopcoming Independent New York.
Recorded March 14, 2022, 35 min., language english.
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Episode 57

Episode 57 / VOICES ON ART – The VAN HORN Gallery Podcast / Back to the future | NICK OLNEY, Director, Kasmin Gallery, New York City

Recorded March 14, 2022, 36 min., language english.
This is a special episode created in collaboration with Independent New York for the OVR of the upcoming edition of the fair from May 5, 2022 on.
A conversation with Nick Olney, Director of Kasmin Gallery, founded by the late Paul Kasmin in 1989 in Soho, with at present four locations in Chelsea and since Paul Kasmin’s death in 2020 lead by a team of dedicated people into the future. Nick talks his life, his career and the past, present and future of Kasmin Gallery. Coming from a family deeply interested in culture, he first chose a scholarly path studying anthropology and philosophy. His thesis encompassed human culture, human perception – really what humankind is made of in a very broad way, with a focus on the times of cultural upheavals and fundamental shifts of paradigms – like our current times. His first job was to handle art at Bergruen Gallery and he soon discovered his love for being a gallerist and how the manifold skills he developed over the years equipped him perfectly to work in that field. He talks why gallery work is so exciting and satisfying and how important a new storytelling is for the field of culture as well as for the world in general. He also talks the importance of art fairs, not only as commercial venues, but also as places of exchange and dialogue. He dips into the history of Kasmin Gallery and his founder Paul Kasmin and relates how working with Paul was then and how it is without him now. The team at Kasmin dedicate themselves to developing the vision for the gallery from the past into the future, staying true to the gallery’s identity and keeping it’s programm fresh and alive. Nick gives an insight into artist Vanessa German’s work, who Kasmin will present at this years Independent in a solo show. Nick is a comprehensively educated man and it is exciting to follow his thoughts about our times, humanity, galleries and art and artists. Recorded March 14, 2022, 36 min., language english.

Episode 56

Episode 56 / VOICES ON ART – The VAN HORN Gallery Podcast / Ancient and modern | AUDIE MURRAY, artist, Regina, Canada

This is a special episode created in collaboration with Independent New York for the OVR of the upcoming edition of the fair from May 5, 2022 on.

Recorded March 11, 2022, 34 min., language english.
Audie Murray (b. 1993) is a  multi-disciplinary Métis artist from Saskatchewan currently based in Regina. Working with themes of contemporary Indigenous culture and ideas of duality and connectivity, Murray draws on time-honoured techniques and contemporary concepts to inform her material choices. She often uses found objects from daily life, and then modifies them with special  materials and techniques as a way to reclaim or work-through the cultural content of the object. Text: Fazakas Gallery
At Independent 2022 Fazakas Gallery will present a solo-show by Audie Murray in her NYC debut.
In our conversation Audie talks about her background in the Métis culture, the influence the women in her family had on her work and how she combines the tradition of her people with contemporary art. She talks her practice in which she listens to the materials, cherishes their characteristics and gives great value to the process of working and the many hours she spends with that process. Audie is aware of her cultural background and researches with great joy the history of traditional materials and objects, but also finds inspiration in the works of artists like Eva Hesse or Hilma af Klint. She surfs with ease and earnestness through the different cultures, playing with their differences as well as their similarities and ultimately finds a lot of common ground in their artistic expressions. Audie Murray is part of an ancient tradition as well as a young contemporary artist in the 21st Century and merges both in her art, creating new relationships with culture and communicating those to us through her art.

Episode 55

Episode 55 / VOICES ON ART – The VAN HORN Gallery Podcast / Messenger of Art | FRANK MARESCA, Ricco/Maresca Gallery, New York City

This is a special episode created in collaboration with Independent New York for the OVR of the upcoming edition of the fair from May 5, 2022 on. Recorded March 22, 2022, 43 min., language english

Frank Maresca, co-founder of Ricco/Maresca Gallery in New York City started his career as a professional photographer, he now is a collector, a scholar, an educator and dealer. He talks the different stages of his life and career and the insights he gathered on the way. From an early age on he was fascinated by art and artefacts – and the stories they relate. He talks his passion for australian indigenous and oceanic art and why this art, that exists outside of the academia, transports him and shakes him to his deepest core. He talks about the importance of education, of storytelling and the role of the gallerist as mediator, guide and messenger. Frank talks in depth about the late Paddy Bedford, one of the most important australian indigenous artists, whose works Ricco/Maresca will present for the first time in the US at the Independent as well as in an exhibition at Ricco/Maresca Gallery. Frank is a wonderful storyteller himself, having the urge and the capacity to pass his profound knowledge on to a new generation, keeping the stories going in a continous stream from the past, through the present to the future. Recorded March 11, 2022, 43 min., language english.
#voicesonart #independentnewyork #frankmaresca #riccomaresca #paddybedford #vanhorngallery #danielasteinfeld #podcast
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Episode 54

Episode 54 / VOICES ON ART – The VAN HORN Gallery Podcast / Here and Now | SOPHIE BARBER, artist, Hastings, UK

This is a special episode created in collaboration with Independent New York for the OVR of the upcoming edition of the fair from May 5, 2022 on. South Essex based artist Sophie Barber *1996 will show her new paintings in a solo-presentation at the booth of Alison Jacques, which marks her debut in the US. Recorded March 7, 2022, 30 min., language english

Sophie is a young painter with an unconventional and refreshing new voice. She only does what she wants to do – may it be baking, painting or hatching ducklings. She browses through Instagram, the tabloids, art catalogues and went bird watching with her dad. The world is full of images, but for the ones she decides to paint she has to develop a kind of obsession. She talks her painting, the things her daily life are made of – feeding the dog, having breakfast, chasing the canary, watching her partner doing Judo – and after having found enough destractions, painting calls her again. She talks the weight of her paintings, the pillow-like fatness of their body, their scale from miniature to massive, the oilstick she might apply with her hands, the studio in which those paintings lie on the floor and how things randomly get attached to them. She ultimately talks her acceptance of life and the current moment. Her Charisma and that of her paintings is intriguing. Cheers Sophie, I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation.
Quote: „Barber’s subjects are both personal and highly incongruous: celebrities, word games and songbirds meet iconic works from art history. The dimensions of her works make similar leaps – from the comically miniature to the strikingly oversized . Indeed, aside from their unifying texture, the only constant amongst these works is Barber’s herself, gathering images from the world as she goes. Barber’s source images are often appropriated from social platforms and screens…In this, Barber’s thick applications of paint make heavy and felt an experience of the world that is, by design, fleeting. It lends visibility and physicality to the way in which images glide over us online, leaving the hazy, at times distorted, memory of their form. ‘It’s not about the image being right’, Barber says of her coalescing portrait of Justin Bieber, ‘it’s about how you remember it’.“

Episode 53

Episode 53 / VOICES ON ART – The VAN HORN Gallery Podcast / Following the images | Jennifer Bolande, artist and professor, Los Angeles

This is a special episode created in collaboration with Independent New York for the OVR of the upcoming edition of the fair from May 5, 2022 on. Jennifer Bolande, Los Angeles based artist and Professor of new genres at the art department of the UCLA will present an overview of her works with Magenta plains. Recorded March 6, 2022, 37 min., language english

Jennifer talks in depth about her work –  covering the span of more than 30 years. Jennifer started with dance and movement and discovered at some point that she wants to incorporate movement in her work through stillness. She talks about the embodiment of photography, about perception, creating a language through art, moving in space and creating new perspectives. She talks how her own vulnerability opens up unkown spaces and that the role of artists may be to explore unknown territories and that artists locate or expose a kind of truth. In times of crisis the voice of artists might be more important than ever.

Episode 52

Episode 52 / VOICES ON ART – The VAN HORN Gallery Podcast / Bringing people together | KATHLEEN RAHN, Director Marta Herford
Recorded January 25, 2022, 39 min., Language english.
Portrait photo by Birgit Streicher, Kunstverein Hannover 2020

In February 2022 Kathleen Rahn, former Director of Kunstverein Hannover, takes on her new post as Director of the Museum Marta Herford. In our conversation Kathleen talks her background, coming from a family with deep interest in music and being taken to exhibitions early on in her life. Kathleen talks the different stages of her career in the arts, how important it was to meet artists during her studies in Kassel, what she learned from them and how she applies these learnings even to her exhibition making today. During her years as Curator and Director she regularly moved to different places, each place needing an adjusted approach to address cultural, architectural, geographical differences and also differences in mentality. She reflects on what is needed to run an art institution today to build a fruitful future and how important it is to include everybody involved – the artists, the team at the Museum and the regional as well as the international public and to still make space to having a private life and a family. Kathleen is deeply interested in communication and wants to bring people together.

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The new Museum Kathleen will be heading from today on
The past seven years she was Director here

Some earlier places

Episode 51

Episode 51 / VOICES ON ART – The VAN HORN Gallery Podcast / Encouraging people to look | BRIAN BUTLER, Founder and Owner of 1301PE, Los Angeles
Recorded January 14, 2022, 52 Min., Language english

We’re staying in Los Angeles. Brian Butler’s gallery 1301PE will be celebrating it’s 30th anniversary this year, so we are covering a lot – from his early beginnings, coming from an artist’s family to his studies, travelling the world, working in Germany, founding Brain Multiples and later 1301, which turned into 1301PE, then leaving the US to lead an institution in New Zealand, coming back and lots and lots in between. He talks about how he found the artists he worked with over the years – from Angela Bulloch and Jorge Pardo to Jessica Stockholder and Pae White to Rirkrit Tiravanija – to name just a few. Brian always cared about encouraging people to take their time and taking a deeper look at art, to have the patience to let art’s impact unfold. In the second half of our conversation Brian reveils a lot about his thoughts on art fairs, the art world in general and his personal way how to stay fluid, creative and in tune with his own compass.
More information in the shownotes on #spotify #applepodcasts and other platforms

Episode 50

Episode 50 / VOICES ON ART – The VAN HORN Gallery Podcast / Accessing New Territories – PHILIPP KAISER, Partner and President, Marian Goodman Galleries

44 min., recorded December 17, 2021, language english

This is a special anniversary Episode – it’s not only the first talk of the new year 2022, it’s also our No. 50!
Philipp Kaiser, Partner and President at Marian Goodman Galleries worldwide, is accordingly a very special guest.
As a curator he did almost everything one could think of. He relentlessy and with great passion follows his intuition and curiosity. Philipp considers art and history being in constant flux and in his practice combines concentration with dedication and bravery with openness. Recently he prepared the extensive exhibition, archive, and library about the life and work of Harald Szeemann at the Getty, he was curator of the Swiss Pavillion for the 2017 Venice Biennial, and served as curator at the Museum for Gegenwartskunst in Basel as well as senior curator at the MOCA in Los Angeles and last but not least Philipp was director of Museum Ludwig in Cologne from 2012 to 2014 and that’s just the tip of the iceberg…
Philipp talks his early days, first desiring to find an alternative lifestyle for himself through art and then traveling the world, realizing exhibitions, working with different institutions, finally coming to the place he is at in his life and work right now – a place of freedom and the opportunity to access new territories.

Episode 49

Episode 49 / VOICES ON ART – The VAN HORN Gallery Podcast / Layers of Meaning – ANYS REIMANN, artist, Düsseldorf
35 min., recorded Dec. 18, 2021, language: english

This last Podcast of the year 2021 is a special one. Artist Anys Reimann and me met when we were both kids at age 15/16. Although we just connected again recently, we share an exciting past in the Düsseldorf Pub and Club scene of the 1980’s. Therefore this talk turned out quite personal and private. Anys talks about her family and her upbringing as an Afro-german girl born in the 1960’s in West Germany. She shares the different paths she travelled, the jobs she had and the developments she went through to become the woman and artist she is at this point in time – in her „nowness“. She talks her studies at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf as a „late bloomer“, her art, the process she experiences when working and the many layers of meaning that drive her. I’m happy to share that Anys just joined the artist team of VAN HORN and can’t wait to see what’s to come – I’m sure it’s the best!
If you like the talk kindly give us a rating or leave a comment on our Instagram @voicesonart @van_horn_duesseldorf
Episode 49, 35 min., recorded November 18, 2021, Language: englishMore about Anys art here in the shownotes:Instagram @anysreimann

„Attempts To Be Many“, exhibition at Sammlung Philara, Düsseldorf, on view through Jan. 23, 2022

Anys on the VAN HORN website

Interview with Anys at WDR Mediathek / WestArt (from min. 20:00)

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Episode 48

Episode 48 / VOICES ON ART – The VAN HORN Gallery Podcast / Paintings with body – MEG LIPKE, artist, Brooklyn
Recorded November 17, 2021, 39 min., Language: english.

On her birthday Brooklyn based artist Meg Lipke took the time to talk in depth about her early influences, her family, her art and the body in all meanings and possible expressions. She finds her inspirations in art history, other artists, but also in the women of her own family, which once owned a textile mill. Her grandmother, mother and aunt expressed themselves – their grief and joy – through creating art and craft with textiles and yarn. Meg is deeply interested in bodily experiences, the perceptions of the female body, the need to inhabit and embrace our bodies wholly and consciously to be fully alive and especially the body of painting, which she explores since many years. Meg found her own way in painting by leaving the flat plane of the canvas, creating stuffed, bulgy, organic forms that carry paint and color and give the impression of each having it’s own individual personality. As a painter Meg is obsessed with art history, with iconography and with the way how through pigment and surface stories can be created that are about our humanity – and our bodies.
Here more information about Meg:
Instagram: @meglipke

Episode 47

Episode 47 / VOICES ON ART – The VAN HORN Gallery Podcast / Rearranging the collection – BRIGITTE KÖLLE, curator, head of collections for contemporary art at Hamburger Kunsthalle
Recorded November 18, 2021, 35 min., language english

In this episode Brigitte Kölle, curator and head of collections of contemporary art at Hamburger Kunsthalle talks how she became first interested in art through one of her schoolmates, who went on to study art. She then took art classes herself before deciding to go into art history and cultural studies. She describes the art world of the late 1980s and 90s in detail – an impactful internship at Konrad Fischer Galerie, meeting some of the important artists of that time, before going to New York and encountering for the first time woman curators like Lynne Cook and Marsha Tucker. To once have had practical experiences in creating art enables her now to understand art on a profound level and to look deeply at it, which makes a big difference in her own exhibition making. She talks the process of curating exhibitions, working with and rearranging the collection of the Museum and the discussions and teamwork this requires. She shares some personal and private thoughts about her life as a curator, head of collections, woman and mother. In her practice art always comes first.

Episode 46

Episode 46 / VOICES ON ART – The VAN HORN Gallery Podcast / Work beyond words – JULIETA ARANDA, artist, filmmaker, co-Director of e-Flux.
Recorded November 4, 2021, 36 min., Language english

Julieta Aranda, Berlin based artist and filmmaker is since many years contributor, co-director and collaborator with Anton Vidokle of the online platform e-flux. She is also organizing this years conversations for Art Basel. Julieta has exhibited her works internationally including the Venice Biennial, Berlin Biennial, documenta, the Guggenheim etc. She talks her background, growing up in Mexico and leaving home at fourteen, paving a path on her own. She talks her artistic process, how she took up the task to look at the dark side of things, the hidden underbelly of society, themes and movements and that she only feels drawn to create a work of art when language fails her to understand the topic – when it is beyond words. Every work of art requires a different medium, a different strategy to be created and Julieta listens intently to each work to find the right means to bring it into the world. If not creating works of art she writes, communicates with people, brings them together and tries to find ways to collaborate and make the life of each person easier. You will find many interviews, videos and information on Julieta online. Follow our Instagram @van_horn_duesseldorf or @voicesonart The Podcast is vailable on https://van-horn.net, Anchor, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and many other platforms. Portrait photo by Peyton Fulford.

Episode 45

Episode 45 / VOICES ON ART – The VAN HORN Gallery Podcast / Hospital Rooms – TIM SHAW, artist and co-founder, London, recorded October 18, 2021, 35 min., language english.

Artist Tim Shaw founded, together with his partner Niamh White, a curator, Hospital Rooms after a close friend of them had to be hospitalized in a mental ward. Hospital Rooms brings great art into spaces where it is really making a difference – working with psychiatric units all over the UK. Listen to Tim’s truly inspiring story how artists and art can shape difficult spaces in an energizing way and how the personal empathy and engagement of, in the beginning, just two people, creates a field that affects society and humanity in a profound way.

Episode 44

Episode 44 / VOICES ON ART – The VAN HORN Gallery Podcast / THE RIGHT FRACTURES – ALAIN SERVAIS, collector of contemporary art, Belgium, recorded September 30, 2021, 57 min., language english

Coming from finance and with a deep rooted interest in the arts, politics, sociology, philosophy and the humanities, collector Alain Servais speaks his mind and does not hold back. He talks finding his own voice and becoming really good at something by having the right fractures. He found himself in art because it opened his mind to new dimensions and new kinds of people. Being exposed to other people’s view of the world greatly improved his vision of the world. Art for him is not contemplation or pleasure, art is having to make an effort, to work on oneself and pushing oneself to the limit – to feeling comfortable being uncomfortable. He is especially interested in contemporary art, young art, the art that needs to be preserved today because nobody understands or values it. By collecting it he is preserving a slice of humanity. Art changed his life and for him art is a way of living, not separated from life, politics and the larger society. Recorded September 30, 2021, 57 min., language english

Episode 43

Episode 43 / VOICES ON ART – The VAN HORN Gallery Podcast / Judith Bernstein, artist and activist, New York City
Recorded 23 September 2021, 45 min., language english.

For over 50 years, New York-based artist Judith Bernstein has created expressive drawings and paintings that boldly critique militarism and machismo in a manner that is at once humorous and threatening. Since graduating from Yale in 1967, Bernstein has developed a reputation as one of the most unwaveringly provocative artists of her generation. Steadfast in her cultural, political and social critique she surged into art world prominence in the early 1970s with her monumental charcoal drawings of penis-screw hybrids. In this Episode Judith talks the inspiration of men’s bathrooms, the glass ceiling women had to face in the artworld of the 60s and 70s, the founding of A.I.R. the first all women’s art gallery, her rage at injustice and her partcipating in activist groups like the Guerilla Girls. She talks her family background, her first exhibitions, the long years of being out in the water, her coming back and her upcoming exhibitions and she reveals that the strongest relationship in the world she has is with art.

Episode 42

Episode 42 / VOICES ON ART – The VAN HORN Gallery Podcast / INDEPENDENT SPECIAL with Vito Schnabel, gallerist, art dealer, curator
recorded August 10, 2021, 33 min., language english.

This is a special Episode produced in collaboration with the Independent Art Fair, New York City. Vito Schnabel, art dealer, gallerist and curator, with gallery branches in New York City and St. Moritz, talks his early years and young adulthood, playing Basketball on the streets of New York City and visiting art exhibitions. He talks his insecurities and challenges and how those helped him to grow. He shares how the dialogue with his sister Lola, who is an artist, and her artist friends shaped his own understanding of art and highlights how important the support of his mother and her belief in him was. He relates how him being open, listening intently and evaluating what happened around him helped him finding his own language in the arts. Early on he started curating and met important artists like Ron Gorchov or the great René Ricard who became friends and mentors and whose expertise and wisdom he was soaking up and valued greatly. Vito talks friendship, his passion for painting and their capacity to be portals also in the 21st Century for anybody who wants to see. This years Independent Art Fair will be the first fair Vito is attending in his home town. There he will show new paintings by extraordinary painter Jorge Galindo in a solo-presentation.

Episode 41

Episode 41 / VOICES ON ART – The VAN HORN Gallery Podcast / INDEPENDENT SPECIAL with Maysha Mohamedi, artist & painter, Los Angeles,
recorded Aug. 3, 2021, 42 min., language english

This is a special Episode produced in collaboration with the Independent Art Fair, New York City. Artist and painter Maysha Mohamedi talks her background in science, the similiarities between science and art – and the differences. She gives a very clear analysis what it means for her to be an artist, her need to express herself in her paintings, how she wants to create believable marks and lines and that she needs to have a large percentage of her life to herself in her studio, which is a world where she can think and do anything. She talks her desire to become exceptional at something, to be an expert and sees artists in line with highly trained, specialized athletes, who need to concentrate on one special skill to be able to be exceptional. She talks her first experiences with art through seeing an exhibition of paintings by her mother, her life in the studio and at home with her kids and husband and relates her own painting process, using found or created tools and bodyparts to create marks that make up her energetic, large-scale abstractions. At the Independent Art Fair franklin parrasch gallery / parrasch heijnen will present an intergenerational show of her paintings in juxtaposition with a work by John Wesley, who is one of her favourite artists and on whom she completed her graduate dissertation.

Episode 40

Episode 40 / VOICES ON ART – The VAN HORN Gallery Podcast / INDEPENDENT SPECIAL with Karla Knight, artist and painter, Connecticut, recorded 21 July, 2031, 31 min., language english

This is a special Episode produced in collaboration with the Independent Art Fair, New York City. My guest Karla Knight, artist and painter based in Connecticut, is a force onto herself. In this Episode she talks her growing up in a family that was very interested in the otherworldly, the occult and the spiritual – which inspired Karla to dive deep into the unknown within her own paintings. From an early age on she knew who she is – an artist – never tiring to follow her own path and being utterly independent in life and art. In her paintings she developed her own imaginary language, inspired by her son’s early lettering. At this year’s Independent Art Fair she will debut her new tapestries, which are influenced by Lakota Winter counts, in a solo-presentation with Andrew Edlin Gallery. Following this will be her first institutional solo exhibition with a survey of her work at the Aldrich, opening Fall 2021. 

Episode 39

Episode 39 / VOICES ON ART – The VAN HORN Gallery Podcast / INDEPENDENT SPECIAL with Nicelle Beauchene, founder of the eponymus gallery for contemporary art, New York City. Recorded July 22, 2021, 36 min., Language: english

This is a special Episode produced in collaboration with the Independent Art Fair, New York City. My guest is Nicelle Beauchene, founder of the eponymous gallery in New York, former president of the board of NADA (New Art Dealers Alliance) and co-founder, with Franklin Parrasch, of Parts & Labor in Beacon. In this talk Nicelle covers her life, from growing up in a farm town in Connecticut,  becoming a competitive snowboarder, competing against men and falling in love with art through a certain painting at the Wadsworth Atheneum. Her curiosity drew her to roam broader spaces and finally pursuing a career in the arts. She tells how it was for her being a professional woman in the art business while raising three kids. She talks competition vs. collaboration, how she took adversities and disencouragement as challenge and stepping stone. She opened up her gallery while being pregnant, running a succesful art business and having a family. She relates in depth how collaboration and integrity are her core values in working with artists, other galleries, institutions and collectors. She talks passion, ambition, gut feeling and new opportunities coming up, like moving with the gallery to a new space in Tribeca and her upcoming project at Independent, where she will present new works by Louise Despont, the artist she originally opened her gallery with. Nicelle gives an enlightening insight into her relentless support for the artists she works with. Listen to a clear minded and inspirational woman who knows and does what she wants. Recorded July 22, 2021, 36 min. Language: English

Episode 38

Episode 38 / VOICES ON ART – The VAN HORN Gallery Podcast / INDEPENDENT SPECIAL with Hana Ward, artist, painter and founder of the ceramic brand Uno + Ichi, Los Angeles. Recorded June 23, 2021, 32 min., Language: english

This is a special Episode created in co-production with Independent Art fair, NYC. Hana Ward is a painter, ceramicist and founder of the ceramic brand Uno + Ichi from Los Angeles, California. Hana talks about how growing up in an artistic household helped her finding her own way into the arts. She witnessed an educational system in the US that – in  her own words – fails black students in manifold ways and through being a teacher herself – and not liking it at all – she understood that painting is what makes her happy. She talks in depth about how she finds inspiration in special books and that relating to her lineage and to the earth helps her go deeper into her painting practice, which she considers to be connected to her spiritual path. Her paintings often touch on themes of liberation, memory, history and diaspora. Through her landscape paintings, she documents focal, yet disappearing parts of her native city while her graphic portraits pay  praise to unsung heroes of our collective legacy. Hana relates in a very personal and honest way what it means to find her way as an artist. Her presentation at Independent Art Fair with Mrs. gallery in NYC will be a premiere for her.

Episode 37

Episode 37 / VOICES ON ART – The VAN HORN Gallery Podcast / INDEPENDENT SPECIAL with Susanne Zander, founder and co-owner of Delmes Zander, Cologne, Germany
This talk will also be part of the Independent Art Fair’s OVR in September 2021.
Recorded June 16, 2021, 38 min., Language: english

This is a special Episode created in co-production with Independent Art fair, NYC.  Susanne Zander, founder and co-owner – with Nicole Delmes – of Delmes Zander in Cologne talks in great detail not only about her personal story, but especially about the story of the so called „outsider artists“, whose work is often misunderstood and not appreciated fully when given labels like „self taught“, „outsider“, „naive“ or „Art Brut“. Susanne grew up with collecting parents and a strong and fearless mother, who not only funded a collection of the artists mentioned above, but also just did what she wanted to do in a time when this was even harder for women than it is now. Susanne fell in love with art and artists from an early age on and is taking the exact same approach – forward and fearless. She is a relentless supporter and agent for the special artists Delmes Zander are discovering, working with and bringing – sometimes for the first time – in front of the eyes of an audience. She runs a gallery since 30 years and talks changing times, open and closed minds and the special role the Independent Art Fair played for the gallery. In crossing over genres and labels, in expanding ideas and concepts about art and in bringing the so called „outsider artists“ into a contemporary art context, Delmes Zander hold a unique place among galleries. Listen to a passionate, opinionated and outspoken woman and gallerist. 

Episode 36

Episode 36 / VOICES ON ART – The VAN HORN Gallery Podcast / INDEPENDENT SPECIAL with LaTiesha Fazakas, Gallery for Contemporary Indigenous Art, Vancouver, Canada.
This talk will be also part of the Independent Art Fair OVR in September 2021.
Recorded June 12, 2021, 47 min., Language: english

This is a special Episode created in co-production with Independent Art Fair, NYC. LaTiesha Fazakas, founder of the eponymous gallery for indigenous art in Vancouver, Canada talks her personal story. LaTiesha talks her childhood and youth, from growing up in a working class household, quitting highschool and becoming a teenage mom, to her young adult years in which she decided to finish her education and by accident or destiny enrolled in an art history class, which ultimately changed the course of her life. After having worked for 11 years at a gallery for indigineous art, LaTiesha realized that her approach towards this art and culture is much more open and inclusive than was provided by dealers and art historians until then. LaTiesha talks in detail about one of the artists from which she learned a lot, Beau Dick (who was included in documenta 14 in Athens), how she founded her gallery in 2013 and how she set up a fluid and individual business model that suited the particular needs of all parties involved. She is convinced that art and art history will benefit greatly from including other voices, cultures and especially those skilled and evolved indigenous artists. She gives a glimpse into the future and talks her presentation at Independent in September and her plans to move to a bigger space in 2022. Listen to this enlightening and personal talk with a passionate promoter and lover of indigenous art. 

Episode 35

Episode 35 / VOICES ON ART – The VAN HORN Gallery Podcast / INDEPENDENT SPECIAL with Mills Morán, gallerist, co-founder of Morán Morán and Felix Art Fair, Los Angeles
Recorded June 3, 2021, 38 min. Language: english

In this special Episode, created in collaboration with Independent Art Fair, I talk to Mills Morán, co-founder of the gallery Morán Morán with his brother Al and, together with collector Dean Valentine, of Felix Art Fair in Los Angeles. Mills talks about his childhood in El Salvador, the reasons the family had to leave the country and the different places they settled, before living in Miami and finally in Los Angeles. He talks about how he connected with the artist community and how knowing artists led him and his brother to first found a project space and ultimately the gallery. Mills relates the history of the gallery, giving every aspect of developing the family business together with his brother, his relations to the artists, other galleries and the collectors. He talks how work and relations changed and developed in times of the pandemic and gives an outlook into the future for the gallery as well as the fair. Listen to this informative and engaging talk with a passionate gallerist and supporter of artists. This talk will be also part of the Independent Art Fair OVR in September 2021.

Episode 34

Episode 34 / VOICES ON ART – The VAN HORN Gallery Podcast / Florian Peters-Messer, Collector of Contemporary Art, Viersen, Germany
Recorded May 9, 2021, 42 min, Language: English

A talk with Florian Peters-Messer, passionate collector of contemporary art. Florian co-curated the exhibitions „Fuck Your Fear“ at VAN HORN in 2019 and „Empört Euch!/Time For Outrage“ with Linda Peitz at Kunstpalast, Düsseldorf in 2020, where he also serves as member of the boards of the friends of the museum. Florian is the author of two books and runs a family business with seat in Viersen, Germany. He talks about how his art teacher at school ignited the deep and lasting interest for contemporary art in him, how meeting artist Thomas Hirschhorn in the 1990’s changed his whole outlook on art and that he feels more and more drawn to political, social and psychological art.  He talks about his process of collecting, citing examples like „Rotterdam Rostock“ by artist Erik van Lieshout and talks about feeling a certain kind of responsibility to collect and preserve these more complicated works of art for the public. We talk in depth about how anger can be a destructive force and a danger for democracy, as well as a source of creativity when expressed in works of art, like in the installations by artist Henrike Naumann. Florian reminds us that art plays a inportant role in understanding and reflecting society and the human condition and that preserving our environment and having real human contact are what we need just now.

Episode 33

Episode 33 / VOICES ON ART – The VAN HORN Gallery Podcast / Joanna Kamm, Director of Liste Art Fair, Basel
Episode 33, recorded March 15, 2021, 31 min. Language: english

My guest today is Joanna Kamm, Founder and Owner of the eponymous gallery from 2001 to 2014 in Berlin and since 2018 Director of Liste Art Fair, Basel. Joanna moved to Berlin in 1989, shortly before the wall came down. She talks about how that changed everything and that the atmosphere of „everything is possible“ opened up many opportunities for a whole generation. Joanna studied german Literature and Philosophy before she fell for art, first opening a project space before founding the gallery. She talks about the development of the gallery, that she always loved to discover artists and how her experiences as gallerist and as board member of ABC Berlin were invaluable for her current post at Director of Liste Art fair. She truly believes in humanistic values and the importance art has for Society. She gives some first hand and personal insights into the meaning galleries have for art, artists and cultural production. In the second half of the Podcast she talks about new ideas and projects for Liste, analog as well as digital, and some new and exciting plans for the upcoming fair in September 2021.  Episode 33, recorded March 15, 2021, 31 min. Language: english

Episode 32

Episode 32 / VOICES ON ART – The VAN HORN Gallery Podcast / Mareike Dittmer, Director of Public Engagement at TBA21-Academy, Zürich, Switzerland
Recorded April 15, 2021. 53 min. Language: english

My guest today is Mareike Dittmer, Director of Public Engagement at TBA21-Academy, Zürich, Switzerland. Mareike’s skill is communication and she takes us onto an elaborate journey through her life. In the first part of this Episode Mareike talks her upbringing in East Germany, why she first trained in banking before attending art school and her diving into the underground artworld of 90s Berlin, working in London, her years at Frieze Magazine and her engagement with the 9th Futurological Congress and the Museum Susch in Engadin, Switzerland. In the 2nd half of the Podcast she speaks in depth about TBA21 Art Foundation and Academy, the Ocean Uni, the past year under Corona measurements and her plans and wishes for the future. She mentions many people she cherishes and cooperated with and shares her belief in serendipity, that she keeps her doors open for luck to come in and how she’s very glad that there seems to be a new sense of togetherness. 

Episode 31

Episode 31 / VOICES ON ART – The VAN HORN Gallery Podcast / Grant Wahlquist, gallerist, writer, curator, Portland, Maine
March 2021, 36 min., Language: english

There are as many ways to become a gallery owner as there are galleries. A perfect example of somebody who treaded a completely individual path is my current guest Grant Wahlquist, owner of the eponymous gallery for contemporary art in Portland, Maine since 2017.
Grant has a broad education and studied a variety of topics. He seriously learned to play classical piano for 15 years, holds degrees in Philosophy, Art and Religion and even attended the fuller theological seminary.
Grant is a doctor of law, he was an associate at a law firm and worked as a freelance attorney before he became an art critic and a curatorial assistant at the Orange County Museum of Art, where he worked on exhibitions by artists like i.e. Peter Saul and Mary Heilman.
Grant talks about his studies and inclinations as a young man, the opportunities and challenges of opening a gallery outside of the big commercial hubs, his fascination with mid-career artists and how to combine business with cultural and philosophical integrity.
It’s a pleasure to listen to his reflections and insights about art, the gallery business and living a good life.

Episode 30

Episode 30 / VOICES ON ART – The VAN HORN Gallery Podcast / Haley Mellin, painter and land conservationist, founder of „Art into Acres“.
A 38 min. in-depth talk with Haley, plus an extra 10 minutes of Haley Mellin interviewing Daniela Steinfeld. Recorded March 24, full length 49 min. Language: English.

In this talk, my guest is Haley Mellin, a painter and land conservationist. Haley founded „Art into Acres“, a non-profit initiative supporting artists and artworks in conserving large-scale landscapes for a positive impact on climate, biodiversity and irreplaceable ecosystems. She also founded conserve.org as a platform for people to be able to permanently conserve a single acre of land for the cost of a dinner out.
Her own painting practice happens „on the road“ while attending to conservation projects. She’s working with institutions like Hauser & Wirth, MOMA PS1, MOCA L.A., the Guggenheim and – very recently – the Kunstmuseum Bonn, to name just a few. A large part of her work is dedicated to supporting artists and smaller organisations like non-profits or galleries with their carbon footprints and how to reduce them.
Being an artist, she is the perfect intermediary between the land conservation organisations and the art world and entertains strong, trustful relations with the artists that donate their artworks and participants from the art community who are learning and looking into their carbon emissions through calculation and reduction approaches.
We discuss her upbringing and love for being outdoors, nurtured by her father, who held the view that „giving back is a large part of being alive.“ We talk about how she started painting and exhibiting at a young age and how art and conservation interlace in her life and practice. She shares her profound knowledge and deep insights into how art and conservation, both meant to last, go hand in hand.
This talk celebrates the 30th Episode of „Voices On Art,“ with Haley Mellin as a special guest and with a small „bonus track“: Haley unexpectedly started asking me questions herself.